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Decorating Parties

Invite your guests and we take care of the rest!

Our goal is for parents to enjoy their child’s party as much as their child is.

Our Cake-tastic Birthday Package offers:

  • Private party costs $325.
    • Space for the Birthday honoree and up to eight guests.
    • Private party lasting two hours.
    • Trained and educated decorating staff to facilitate your party.
    • 9 party themes to choose from.
    • 1 (6″) round cake professionally decorated in your chosen party theme to enjoy with your guests.
    • Three pre-baked cupcakes per child to decorate.
    • Chef hat and apron for honoree, which can be signed by guests and saved as keepsake of their special day.
    • Aprons supplied for all guests to wear during party.
    • Each child receives their very own self-decorated box to take home with their works of confectionary art.
    • Special “Happy Birthday Time” and gift opening time.
    • Something Sweet Bakery provides all decorating tools and supplies.

    Best of all… no mess! Our staff handles all the clean up!

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    If they like art…they will love cupcake decorating! The perfect party package for any age. Contact us today for more information.
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